Atlanta SEO Strategy to Create Content in 2018

Atlanta SEO Marketing Strategy

Out of all the digital marketing strategies available, content marketing is one of the most effective and least expensive to start adding to your website. Good content is also a large part of a fruitful Atlanta SEO Marketing Strategy.

To help you get started with content marketing, ViridianGeeks have ten easy tips which will help you unlock the full potential to expand your business:

Atlanta SEO Marketing Strategy to Create Content in 2018

1. Make SEO Your Highest Priority

Content without relevant keywords will just sit there gathering dust. You need to make SEO part of your content marketing strategy. Use tools like Google Keyword Planner to find profitable keywords related to your industry and local service areas your business operates in.

Don’t miss out on all these opportunities when you incorporate Atlanta SEO Marketing Strategies into your content:

-Add internal links guiding readers to other important areas you want people to read.
-Include alt text in all images used on your site and add SEO keywords too, but don’t cram too many, or Google will penalize your site for spam.
-Have external links to authoritative websites to back up your content.i.

2. Use HubSpot’s Topic Generator Tool for Ideas

Stuck on ideas for new blog posts? The HubSpot Blog Ideas Generator is a great start. Think of three nouns that describe your business the best, add them to the generator, and HubSpot will generate several ideas for topics you could use to start developing your content online.

3. Update and Revise Old Content

Content marketing is an ongoing process. It never stays still, and neither should your business. As your business grows, you need to create more content to capture the exciting changes happening. You should also revisit old posts and website pages and tweak them for keywords, style, tone, and voice. This will also help your Atlanta SEO Marketing Strategy.

4. Monitor Your Competitors

Don’t be afraid to look at what your competitors are doing with their  SEO Strategy. There are lots of social media monitoring tools out there that perform phenomenally and keep you abreast of anything new happening. Use their content as inspiration to improve the content on your site.

5. Mix Up Your Call-to-Action Statements

“Learn more” and “visit us” are okay for button text here and there on your website, but shouldn’t be overused. Try to develop call-to-action statements which coincide with the branding of your business. There are loads of opportunities to get creative and motivate people to take a desired action like signing up for your newsletter or shopping from your e-commerce website.

6. Keep Your Content Simple

Content should be written at a level most adults can understand. The Fleisch Reading Ease Readability Formula has a scale from 0 to 100. Content that scores anywhere between a 60.0 to 70.0 is considered understandable by middle school students.

The lower the score, the greater the reading difficulty will be. If your content scores less than 30, that means your content is very confusing and will need a complete rewrite. Readability Formulas has a comprehensive breakdown of how these scores work.

7. Use Nice Visuals

Strong, compelling visuals strengthen great written content and also help your Atlanta SEO Marketing Strategy. Use infographics, video, and pictures to present your ideas in different ways. Some people love to read, while others prefer to look at pictures and visual content first.

8. Go for a Long-Form Content Strategy

Long-form content creation has caught on in popularity in recent years. The average word count for a top-ranking SEO web page has ballooned to a minimum of 2000 words. In the past, 300-500 word posts were the norm, but these posts don’t perform as well.

Instead of spending your time making dozens of smaller blog posts, why not take a shot of pouring your time into making a longer post jam-packed with lots of useful content and insights your customers will appreciate? The payoff for lead generation will be much greater and will have a significant impact on your Atlanta SEO Strategy.

9. Inject Your Personality

Your content doesn’t have to be dry and boring. Experiment and test your content often and see what resonates most with your customers. You’re not always going to hit a home run off the beat when you first develop content for your business. Rewrites happen all the time. Even the most talented content creators need to make changes as they brainstorm for new, exciting ways to get their message across to the audience.

10. Keep a Consistent Schedule

Center your content marketing around a consistent schedule. Plan out what content needs to be created and set up deadlines and post times. Decide which social media platforms you want to distribute your content. Always consider your audience first and develop the kind of content they’d need.

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