Black Friday E-Commerce Strategy for Hispanics


E-commerce is growing up considerably amongst Hispanics in the U.S. and “Black Friday” is one of their favorite dates to shop online. With holiday sales being driven by Hispanics, brands need to adopt Hispanic Digital Marketing strategies to make the most of the engagement and selling opportunities on this date.

In this article you will learn why you need to get ready for hispanic E-Commerce and how to effectively target these demographic in online platforms. 

Hispanic E-Commerce

Hispanics spend their leisure time at online stores, as they tend to be more active across most Internet activities. They also love to take advantage of holiday sales as they are driven by money-saving strategies, and by the facility of being able to order online and pick up in store.

In this infographic you can see some of the biggest trends on hispanic holiday shopping:


To reach this demographic, it is important to market special products to them trying to meet their needs. Brands must drive consumers to e-commerce sites with culturally relevant and/or in-language advertising.  A good example of this is Amazon who is increasing its offerings for Hispanics.

Attribution E-Commerce  and Conversion Models


In order to optimize your campaigns it is necessary to study the conversion models of your online shop. Using cookies is not enough anymore because it’s hard to know whether the people looking at products online are actually buying.

Because it has been seen that many shoppers follow a path before making an online purchase you need to test, see what works and optimize accordingly.

When it comes to e-commerce you need extra effort to understand what specific products Hispanics want.

E-Commerce: A Regular Feature


Brands must find a way to capitalize  the fact that Hispanics are making e-commerce on black friday a yearly shopping routine.

In the digital age, brands need to deliver micro targeted content that is meaningful. To achieve this, retailers must aid brands in forming an accurate picture of the people visiting their e-commerce sites.

To Sum Up

Brands must start with forming a more complete picture of Hispanics, not just as consumers, but as people whose decisions are influenced in culture. You need to make the Hispanic e-commerce part of your long term plans and ensure that your  products are presented in a culturally relevant way.

Make the most of your business taking into consideration the big Hispanic market!

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