Hispanic Digital Marketing: Amazing Facts About this Market


Hispanic Digital Marketing is gaining force each year. The best way to reach Hispanic audiences is by getting to know and understand it perfectly well. Know who they are, where they spend their time, the platforms they visit most frequently and how they consume their content

Did you know that Hispanics currently have $1.7 trillion in purchasing power?, This number that’s sure to rise in the years to come. Here are six things about the Hispanic market that every brand should know.

In this article you will learn 6 different facts of Hispanic Digital Marketing to help you get to know the Hispanic audience and to reach them in a better way.

1. Half of U.S. Population Growth Accounts Hispanics

Since 2000, the expansion of Hispanic population in the U.S has been the main driver of America’s population growth. They’re the second- fastest growing demographic group, making the 18% of the total U.S. population. Another fact is that over a third of Latinos were born outside of the United States.

2. The Hispanic Population In The U.S Is Under The Age Of 29

Did you know that, 25.8% of all children in the U.S. ages nine and under are Hispanic? Brands should be aware of the implications that the growing strength of the Latino population will have on pop culture, advertising standards and the language being used in ads.

3. Over 45% Of Total Ad Spend Is Made By The T.V.

In the past few years, the amount of total ad spend brands have invested in Hispanic media has been rising.  In 2015, brands spent over $6 billion marketing to Hispanics on TV alone. Digital’s share of the marketing budget for Hispanic audiences did increase by 2.6% between 2015 and 2016, but there is still a huge opportunity for leading brands to position themselves as pioneers in the digital space before others begin to muscle in

4. 44% Of Hispanics Consumers Only Access Online Content in English

One of the biggest challenges that advertisers face is figuring which language to reach them in. Interestingly, it has been found that even Spanish-dominant speakers are more likely to use English when conducting searches or consuming content online.

Brands should be making the effort to incorporate Spanish into their ad campaigns. In a survey, about 56% of Spanish-speaking Hispanics said that they were more loyal to companies that advertise in Spanish.

5. Hispanics Use the Internet On Their Smartphones

Hispanics spend, on average, two hours more per week on their mobile devices. They also tend to watch more videos online on their smartphones and are subscribers of streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu. Also they tend to listen to music, messaging, emailing, and using their cameras.

6. Hispanic Millennials Interact With Brands On Social Media

According to a study, almost 50% of Hispanic millennials said they had talked about a brand online with others or used a brand’s hashtag, compared to 17% of non-Hispanics. What does this mean for brands? It means that social media represents an important touchpoint for Hispanic consumers, especially for much-sought-after millennials. Brands should take care to use it as a tool to cultivate brand loyalty among this cohort.

In Summary

Taking into consideration these six facts, should give brands more insights into the Hispanic Digital Marketing and demonstrate the importance of an effective omnichannel strategy that is aligned with consumers passion points and over-indexing channels.

It’s important for brands to transmit elements of Hispanic culture through their advertising, even if it’s in English, because it makes individuals feel that the brand understands them and their cultural backgrounds.

Make the most of your strategy with these six important facts! Hispanic Digital Marketing is the future now! Contact Us, our digital specialists will provide you with the best strategy plan to reach your audience.

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