Hispanic Digital Marketing Strategy: 5 tips to target this audience


The Hispanic community is growing in U.S. That is why it is important to know and recognize the best way to create an effective Hispanic Digital Marketing Strategy.

According to the Pew Research Center, Hispanic Americans own smartphones at similar levels to Caucasians and African Americans.  And Spanish dominant Hispanics are online at greater numbers than ever before.

These are the 5 tips that you should not lose sight of in order to create an effective strategy and it will also help you to know how to focus your Content Marketing in Spanish.

5 Tips to Create a Winning Hispanic Digital Marketing Strategy

1. Be Bilingual

Despite of the increase of population of United States-born and English-preferring Hispanics, the Hispanic audience continues to use Spanish, so they constantly search in both languages, this is when we must enter the game with SEO in Spanish and optimize your site and content.



2. Iit's all About the Experience

Hispanics look for content with which they can identify or have a pleasant experience. That is why when creating Content Marketing in Spanish, you should make sure it is so engaging in both English and Spanish.You need to focus on elements that represent the identity of Hispanic culture, and integrate these elements in your marketing message.



3. Go Mobile

Mobile Marketing it is a important step. Compared to the general market, more Hispanics research their purchases online via mobile before and even during their in-store shopping experience. The opportunity to reach them through their mobile phones is ripe.

As Ad Age shows: 22.8% Hispanics vs 12.3% general market used their mobile phone before, and during their shopping experience by calling a family member or friend for advice, or summoning online review sites and price comparisons.


4. Social Media is Key

Every Multilingual SEO Agency should know that Hispanics turn to social media to research, review and advocate for brands

  • 23.9% of Hispanics vs 9.2% of all adults used social media to comment on a purchase made before entering a store
  • 20.9% Hispanics vs 10.8% of all adults commented on social media while in a store
  • 20.9% Hispanics vs 7.5% of all adults wrote a review on a purchase on either social media, a blog or a forum

These data support that the presence of hispanics in social media is strong, and without doubt, promoting quality content focused on this audience through this channel is essential.


5. Take Advantage of Hyperlocal SEO

Google is about to launch Hyperlocal SEO. This neighborhood algorithm will take Local SEO a step further and make use of the types of terms people use to name and describe their own neighborhood. By using terms that are familiar to the Hispanic community and Spanish-language terms, you can take advantage of this neighborhood algorithm.



Focusing on your audience with these 5 tips will make you stand out in that niche, not only your audience will feel more connected, but you will find a higher level of engagement. It is also important to create the most appropriate Content Marketing in Spanish for a Latino Audience.

Are you interested in becoming an expert in Content Marketing in Spanish?  Contact Us! Our specialists will help you to focus your content or keywords according to the audience you want to reach.

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