How to capture the Hispanic Market in 2019

 One of the most growing trends in the United States these days is Hispanic Digital Marketing. Spanish speaking population have been increasing in the country, and thanks to that, this market became essential.

In this article we’ll teach you how to get another perspective to this market, creating campaigns that are only focused on this target. Some business or companies don’t take the time to study latino community, and that’s why they fail on their content. The answer to these problems is easy: plan and research all the information you need to reach your Hispanic Market.

1. Expansion of the Hispanic Community:

Hispanics are the second most largest group (after Asians) in the US, from 2000 to these days it increased 18%. By 2055, it is planned to be growth a 250%, see why latinos are a good target?


 2. Hispanics use Online Media:

Recognizing how latinos are engaging in social media will be helpful. Besides, mobile phones and electronic devices are important to them, and if you want to use Hispanic Digital Marketing you should know that 7 of 10 latinos have a smartphone, and because of it, their digital activity is heavy.

Hispanics are always moving, and using their phones for different tasks; they spend more time than white americans and other ethnicities in the US. Hispanic mobile users can have their smartphone to search, take and upload pictures, download music, watch videos and social media.

“Social media is not a media. The key is to listen, engage, and build relationships.” -David Alston

 3. Hispanics Love Videos and Digital Content:

We all know that the Hispanic community love entertainment, especially when it comes to mobile or digital content.

Latinos are watchers and subscribers to online video platforms (youtube, netflix, amazon prime, etc.), replacing traditional television, and spending most of the time watching digital content.

This can be an amazing channel to get closer to your hispanic customers through Hispanic Digital Marketing.

4. Hispanics are Very Social:

Hispanics are very social people by nature, they love to have new friends and speak and interact with everybody, the result? Nearly two-thirds of hispanic community use social media. More than half of them have activity on Facebook and Youtube, one third interact on Instagram and less than one-third use Snapchat. Throughout the day, latinos spend their time on social media, higher than the non-hispanic.


 An important thing: Hispanic millennials are the ones who stay online to be connected with their families and their culture; therefore, they share content that reflect hispanic values, use them to apply correctly your Hispanic Digital Marketing strategies!

“Latinx and Hispanic identity signifies common cultural practices like language and shared histories, and those don’t easily map onto skin color.” -Victoria M. Massie

To finish this article, it is essential to mention that most of the latino community doesn’t domine english at 100%, remember the cultural differences (language they use, identification, etc.) after you’ve studied the target you want to get to, decide how to speak to them (english, spanish, both!) and which is the best way (social media, by videos, pictures, texts).

Start today to learn more about Hispanic Digital Marketing. Contact Us! our digital specialists will provide you with the best plan to reach your Hispanic audience and increase your sales.

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