Baltimore SEO: How will AI impact SEO in 2019

We are currently witnessing the growth of Artificial Intelligence and its application in different industries and even in everyday life. In Baltimore SEO and digital marketing in general will also cause a great impact by being able to automate processes.

In this article you will find how Artificial Intelligence will change SEO in 2019

First of all, what is AI SEO?

AI SEO is a system that recognizes, sorts, gathers and returns information based on a number of factors. It will actively designate rankings as it computes. These can change from day-to-day.

Some AI SEO features are voice search capabilities, image and video search capabilities; and Understanding user intent. You had heard this previously, right?


“75 percent of executives say AI will be “actively implemented” in companies within the next three years, so this is more than a hypothetical discussion.” -  The Economist

As everyone knows: SEO is a results business. It will be great access to data that tells you what you need to do in order to optimize your website and improve visibility in search engines.

I know what you may be thinking: "But Artificial SEO is still in its infant stages...", Yes, it's true, however, in the next couple of years it will dominate how digital marketing companies develop SEO strategies.

1. Forget About Black Hat SEO

AI will take care of preventing Black Hat SEO practices from taking advantage of blind spots in Google's algorithm. One proof of this will be to eliminate links that have no relevance to the content of your website.

That is, in case a website is about Marketing and there are backlinks from food sites Google's RankBrain will not see it as relevant to your company and may penalize your ranking for it.


2. Real Time Data

AI will improve the SEO the speed and effectiveness, you can analyze keywords or search terms and suggest the best use for it. 

This feature of AI will bring advantages for Retail and Consumer Service. 

In Retail stores may offer promotions or create strategies to encourage purchase with prices in real time. As for Consumer Service, it will be possible to improve the efficiency and functioning of chatbots, based on machine learning, they can establish long conversations, understand complex problems and offer an effective solution.


3. Voice Search

The development of online searches and AI have made it possible for them to be more conversational. We no longer ask "restaurants nearby" but "what are the best restaurants nearby to dine?".

For this reason, marketers should use this type of adverbs to optimize web pages while using a conversational tone throughout the content.


4. Optimized Audiovisual Content

AI it is possible to identify the content of the images and videos that are on the internet.

Make sure to include the main keyword in the filename, the title of videos and playlists, and the descriptions and tags. This will be a game changer to take advantage of this technology and get a better rank in Google.

This is an example of how this technology works:



5. UX

It is almost obvious that one of the most important features of a website or app is the UX. With AI, we can create models based on user preferences, and develop more personalized applications.

And taking into account the ocean of user data in Big Data, we can create increasingly specific and personal experiences.



AI is becoming increasingly accessible and the only purpose (without falling into conspiracy theories) is to simplify human life in general and Digital Marketing promises to be an excellent way to simplify processes and better approach our audience.

Do you know another way in which the AI will change the SEO?

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