Mobile Marketing Automation: All you Need to Know


Mobile Marketing Automation: All you Need to Know

Mobile Marketing is vital to reach the new generation of customers. With the growth of mobile-only internet users, that will increase to 52.3 million in 2021 according to eMarketer, the need of an automation tool is imperative. New businesses need Mobile Marketing Automation tools to understand user behaviour through mobile devices, and stay ahead in the last technology trends. 

Benefits of Mobile Marketing Automation

Mobile Marketing Automation helps you with the tasks that traditional marketing automation can't solve. Apart from using it to build and segment your contact list, MMA will adapt to mobile channels like:

  • Push notifications

  • In-app messaging

  • Wearable device notifications

  • Apple Wallet and Google Pay


Each channel has its own content restrictions and different delivery methods. It's now common to see communication requirements changing with the release of new devices and operating systems, and this makes marketing a very complex task. 

For this reaso,n mobile marketing automation platforms need to include mobile focused functionalities  like:

  • Managing the constantly expanding set of mobile channels.

  • Segmentation and personalization built for 1:1 communication.

  • Real-time messaging.

  • Analytics and A/B testing.

  • Deeper integration with installed apps and other relevant data sources.

Mobile Marketing Automation and Personalization

Different customers have different needs at different times, and mobile marketing automation platforms can provide a system for managing every customer in a personalized way. A mobile marketing automation system will provide ways to tag and group your users based on useful attributes, such as demographic, app usage information or even location.

Developing campaigns around this crucial information can lead to big increases in conversions or revenue, because you can act based on what you know works.

Some examples of personalization are referencing your customers recent transactions or purchases within the text of your message, provide them with ongoing recommendations on new products, provide helpful content for newer users still learning about you, etc. The opportunities are endless!

Mobile Marketing Automation and Engagement

With mobile marketing automation,  you can send the right message to the right audience exactly when they just need or expect it. Triggering real-time communication can be done by the usage of data about your customers behaviour. 

For example, the first time a user installs and opens an app you could send a series of onboarding messages to help them get familiar with your service, or you can automate periodic messages such as reminders, or even send them daily product or content recommendations.

In fact, just any event or user behaviour occurred along the customer journey can be used to trigger automated messages. It all comes down to your campaing objectives. 

How to Get Started with Mobile Marketing Automation

There are basic steps to get started with mobile marketing, some of the most important are:

  • Make sure your app and/or website are mobile-optimized.
  • Determine what you need in your mobile marketing automation platform.
  • Set your marketing goals.
  • Detemine what data is needed for your marketing goals.
  • Chose the mobile channels you will use. 
  • Always keep track of the mobile marketing trends. 


Mobile marketing automation allows businesses to reach customers and increase sales by understanring their mobile behaviour. The ability to automate a process is a major benefit for businesses looking to promote a product or service.

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