Mobile Marketing Tips for App Store Optimization

In Mobile Marketing it’s vital to be informed about the new trends, this time we’ll talk about Tips for App Store Optimization, which is the most used method for discovering and downloading apps, a fresh tool to expose your brand, and grow your numbers.

This article is going to help you out, giving you 4 easy Mobile Marketing tips to gain more downloads and appear in the ranking of the Appstore you've chosen before.

1. Title

Placing an attractive keyword in the title supports with the search traffic. Take time to find the one that will rank the most and establish it; changing constantly the word won't help your public to find your app, also, use a short title.

2. Mobile Marketing Keywords

As we mentioned, using a relevant keyword and the one that your target audience uses the most is going to be a push to appear on the first options of the app. Remember to stay focused on monitoring your competitors.

3. Number of Downloads

The total number of your downloads is essential and extremely important, it will speak about how good it works, this will not depend on you, it’s obvious you will not have the total control on it.

4. Ratings and Reviews 

Just like the number of downloads, the reviews of your app will transmit confidence to your audience, it is also an important mobile marketing point to have an eye on, but, you can’t always make an intervention.

If you’re still not convinced, we’ll show you how worth is to use a keyword on your app and the impact it will have along with the tips we talked about. It’s a chart that explains the importance of an attractive name.


Optimizing your apps is essential so you can get the Mobile Marketing visibility that you’re looking for. Start building it and set yourself a goal to increase the numbers, check them constantly following the 4 tips that we’ve already given you, and measure your results.

Remember to always stay organic, let your downloads be natural, as well as your reviews, in Mobile Marketing people are convinced by the comments from other users; pay attention to the feedback they give to you so you can always improve the app. Update it occasionally and give it maintenance.

To Sum Up

In Mobile Marketing nowadays, it’s important to stay focused on App Store Optimization, if you’re looking forward to put your app in a higher position, consider to follow these tips, we’re sure you’ll reach your goal!

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