Why is my Social Media Not Working for my Business?

Social Media Not Working Business
There are a lot of business owners that have poured many hours and hundreds of dollars into social media marketing and advertising but don't see any results. If your social media marketing is not working for your business, you are probably making some of the mistakes Anthony Murphy explains in this article:

You are not being consistent.

One of the biggest reasons that social media doesn’t work for your business is due to the frequency of posting.
In order for your content to be seen by more people, you need to post frequently and consistently.
You will also build a greater relationship with your existing followers because they will have regular content to consume and won’t go looking elsewhere.

You are not adapting your content.

One of the main reasons why your social media strategy may not be working is because you are sharing the same form of content across all your social media networks. Repurposing content is a great way to increase the volume of content at your disposal. An example of repurposing content is to take a quote image (the quote you took from the blog post you just wrote) and post it to Instagram. Then record a video explaining more about the quote or referencing the blog article you wrote and upload to Facebook. This way, you have created content from the same origin or concept and adapted it to each individual platform.

You are only playing safe.

Everyday on social media there are thousands out there trying to reach the same people you are. That means that if your content and social media strategy is boarding on the ‘safe’ (boring) side, people will not notice it. Thinking of ways to make your content stand out from the crowd is an important step in creating engaging social media profiles that create a possitive impact for your business.

Social Media is not your priority.

Another reason for social media not working for your business is because it hasn’t been made a priority. Like any other area in your business, unless it is made a priority, it will not perform to the expectations that you might have.

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